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    Check what's wrong
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    A house or condo might appear to be damage-free, but
    unseen from the eye could be problems within the structure
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    What we look for
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We see what you don't see? Let us inspect it»

Your Home matters to us!

A house or condo might appear to be damage-free, but unseen from the eye could be problems within the structure. This might include problems with the foundation, plumbing system, electrical system, or even with the condition of the climate which may affect the materials used in building.


19+ years of experience

I've been in the construction industry for the past 19 years as an A.C Duct installer, my experience in construction gives me the upper hand to detect any mishaps in your home components in order to provide you with quality and efficient inspection


We know what we do

A home inspection is primarily a visual inspection. We can't see into walls, but we'll look for available clues for the health of the house.We evaluate the foundation, structure, roof, plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical.


Member of Internachi, State Licenced and Insured.

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Quick Overview

A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspectors provide a complete range of home inspection services to ensure you can make your home purchase with complete confidence. My well trained, professional and dedicated inspection Is the main reason why buyers and realtor choose me for their Home inspection.

Thank you for considering Home Inspections By JCastor for your next home inspection! We know that buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make and can be a stressful time.

What we inspect

  • Exterior: Includes walls, grading, patios, sidewall
  • Interior: Ceilings, walls, windows, doors, floors
  • Structure: Includes foundation,or columns, floors
  • Roofing: Coverings, FLASHING, structure, skylights
  • Electrical: Grounding, service entrance, branch
  • Insulation: On the walls, attic, floors duct work
  • Plumbing: Supply line, fixtures, distribution lines