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I've been in the construction industry for the past 19 years as an A.C Duct installer, my experience in construction gives me the upper hand to detect any mishaps in your home components in order to provide you with quality and efficient inspection

J-Castor is A Buyer's Choice Home Inspector, I provide a complete and thorough evaluation of your home components to ensure that you as a buyer purchase with complete confidence.

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A home inspection is primarily a visual inspection. We can't see into walls, but we'll look for available clues for the health of the house.We evaluate the foundation, structure, roof, plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical.


A+ Orlando Home Inspections has been serving all Orlando areas since 1996. Call JCastor to protect your family and your home investment, and get a piece of mind!


I dedicate 100% of my time and energy delivering first class service and your recommendation is the greatest compliment we can receive.


If you give me 5% of your confidence, I'll earn the other 95% every time. I do this by running the only home inspection service in Middle Orlando


It is the opportunity for you to learn about your house (or prospective house), about the maintenance that is required and about necessary repairs.

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